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OMN E097 | What’s The Plan When Death Comes Knocking? | Jane Duncan Rogers

August 5, 2020

OMN E097 | What's The Plan When Death Comes Knocking?:

Jane Duncan Rogers likes to talk about the elephant in the room! In this case, it is the elephant called ‘dying, death and grief’. Three years after her husband died, she published Gifted by Grief: A True Story of Cancer Loss and Rebirth, and readers response to this book led to her founding her current business.

Before I Go Solutions is a social enterprise which trains people to become end of life plan facilitators and provides products and programmes for those wishing to create a good end of life plan. For everyone who purchases a place on the online course, they donate a free place to a carer. Jane is also author of Before I Go: The Essential Guide to Creating a Good End of Life Plan, and has a TedX talk How to Do A Good Death.

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